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Sound Ordinance Quick Response Guide

The Mobile Electronics Association (MEA) has formed the following action to respond to noise ordinance issues brought to our attention by Mobile Electronics Association members and other industry professionals.

  1. Establish current situation
    1. Is it a noise ordinance enforcement issue?
    2. Is it a proposed ordinance issue?
    3. Is it a proposed ban on sale or possession of car audio equipment?
  2. Gather information
    1. Current ordinances
    2. Proposed ordinances
    3. Who is responsible
      1. City Council
      2. City Attorney
      3. Mayor
  3. Mobilize community
    1. Retailers
    2. Representatives
    3. Manufacturers
    4. CTA
    5. SEMA
    6. IPRO
    7. MECA
    8. USACi
    9. IASCA
  4. Send letter from the MEA to community officials
    1. Email
    2. Overnight to top officials
  5. Notify media of MEA's position/concern
    1. Local media (relative to the municipality)
    2. Trade media
  6. Make sure retailers in the area have MEA POP materials regarding "Practice Safe Sound"
  7. Contact officials and offer assistance
  8. Setup conference call with retailers in community to discuss strategy
  9. Keep all involved informed of all community to discuss strategy
  10. Follow up on results of our efforts
  11. Issue press release on positive outcome
  12. Issue a letter to member and non-member retailers from MEA's director of membership regarding MEA's efforts and the outcome
  13. Solicit testimonials from those involved
  14. Report MEA's activity through printed and electronic communications

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